Playtime on The Beaches

 Does your dog enjoy running along the beach, digging in the sand, chasing the birds and playing with other canine friends?  If so, GREAT, you have something your dog wants! This is a great opportunity for behavior training!  Before you let them off leash to dash in any direction, how about asking for a few behaviors first?  
Great Fun!!
Developing good emotional control takes practice, by incorporating training into your daily routine, your dog will learn to comply in a consistent fashion.

So why not ask your dog for a  simple “wait” in the car while you attach a leash, a “sit” once out of the car, how about 3 or 4 sets of sit/stay while you hold onto a long 15 foot leash in safe areas of the parking lot?  Ask for a few “waits” then call your dog “come” and reward!  When on the beach, ask your dog to “wait”, remove the leash and say “go play”– for many dogs this is more rewarding than food!

So use this awesome reward of freedom, to get your dog to comply to a few behaviors first!  With practice your dogs will wait patiently like the 3 above!