Bite Risk Assessment

How safe is your dog around people?

Are you afraid your dog will bite a visitor? Has your dog’s barking at people increased? Has your dog already bitten a person? Let Judy help you understand if your dog has bitten out of fear or is socially confident.


Bite Risk Assessment is performed in Judy’s office and is for dogs who have inflicted two or more punctures on a human.   Judy will provide you with a written report defining your dog’s temperament, including his sociability, social tolerance, social confidence, arousal and resiliency. These traits can most often help explain why a dog is biting. She will also outline a Positive Training Plan to help you change your dog’s responses.
Following a detailed history and veterinary check up, Judy will assess the dog’s temperament.  Using the Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool,  Judy will then evaluate the dog’s sociability with familiar people, sociability with unfamiliar people, social tolerance, resource guarding, and dog-to-dog relationship (when applicable). The dog’s arousal and resiliency will be scored to support Judy’s recommendations and overall conclusion.

Over the past 18 years, using a positive approach, Judy has trained thousands of dogs displaying aggression towards humans. She has also adopted and rehabilitated three highly territorial rescue dogs with extensive bite histories. All three successfully earned their Canine Good Citizen Certifications. Judy will personally teach you what your dog’s triggers are and if he is at risk to do bodily harm or bite and retreat. She will show you how to manage his behavior to keep him safe, while changing his behavior to prevent a bite. 

If you are located more than 20 miles from Cumberland Center, you will need to bring your dog to Judy’s office or schedule a zoom meeting. If unsure, email Judy at