Private Consultations

Personalized Behavior Modification Plans

Judy is taking limited clients at this time.

I am dedicated to all my current clients, plus working on several upcoming podcasts, webinars and my new book, Let the Dogs Talk


Judy specializes in teaching humans “why” a dog is responding a certain way. She helps owners understand when and how to socialize young dogs and how to purposefully socialize environmentally or socially fearful dogs. She can identify if a dog’s aggressive response is Resource Guarding or Rule Setting and how to help them.  Judy has a systematic process called Let’s Talk to rebuild relationships between aggressive dogs.


Think your dog is reactive? Judy can identify the difference between reactivity, excitement, frustration and persistence.

Some dogs are simply vocal and persistent to get to what is important to them, this is not reactivity but a purposeful confident dog trait.


Schedule a consultation to better understand who your dog is and how to change his behavior.

If you are located more than 20 miles from Cumberland Center, you will need to bring your dog to Judy’s office or schedule a zoom meeting. If unsure, email Judy at