New Year – Old Dog

I hope this article finds you enjoying the beginning of this new year!  January brings so many beginnings, not just a new year, but New Year’s resolutions as well.  Some personal, some professional and then some just for fun! Lately, I have been thinking about the fun resolutions — what it is I would enjoy,

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My Dog Bites

Have you ever been told “YOUR DOG JUST BIT ME”?  In all honesty,  I believe the owner of the dog that bites feels much worse than the person who has been bitten and is yelling.  I am not talking about a bite that requires stitches, but a level one bruise with the front teeth.  I

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Show Me

While many of us this week have been  hugging  and  holding our children and grand children tighter as a result of the horrible shootings in Newtown CT., many of us have also sought to hold and love our pets.  Our desire to keep all those we love feeling safer has increased dramatically in light of

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Puppy Play

Baden gaining confidence in play. While many of us watch dogs play, we often wonder if the dogs are having as much fun as we think. I believe it is important that both dogs are chasing, being chased and sharing time on top equally.  If not, stepping in and creating pauses in the play will

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