Stop Puppy Biting, the Best Way!

As a Professional Dog Trainer, it is my job to teach you how to teach your puppy or rescue dog to have a soft mouth. This goes for your puppy mouthing a human, child or another dog.  

If you have adopted a rescue dog, can you be assured this dog knows not to bite?  

I discuss a soft mouth in all my classes because it is so important and many of you have rescued a dog. If I approach your tethered dog holding a scarf, glove or toy, will your dog lunge and grab the item along with my hand?  Have you tried  yelling, “no!” Did yelling teach your dog an appropriate behavior? Instead of yelling, you can simply walk away the second the feet come off the floor. Approach the dog again, if his behavior is not appropriate, walk away, repeat until he sits or does not jump, then reward with play! Rewarding your dog for the appropriate behavior is much faster than telling the dog “no”. 

Dog Training vs Management

Management, as it relates to dog training  keeps everyone safe.  Management,  does not teach your dog a behavior, in fact it often creates frustration and increases arousal.  Using forms of management are useful when you need to prevent conflict, such as putting your dog in the bedroom when guests come over.  Using effective management tools, …

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One Behavior You Must Teach Your Puppy?

To Sit?  That is a nice default behavior, but not the most important one to teach. To Come?  Great behavior to have consistently for sure! To Leave it?  Awesome behavior to have, great on walks both on and off leash! How about not to bite human flesh?  Sounds pretty important to me! Bite inhibition is the …

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Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant now available in Portland Maine

BIG NEWS!! I am very proud to announce my hard work and continued education has earned me the title ofAssociate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant- ACDBC.  I am the only ACDBC south of Bangor, and the only one in Portland, Maine.  My desire to better understand dog behavior and behavior problems is on going and I will …

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