Feisty Fidos – Leash Lungers

Many of you have seen or owned a dog that is reactive or barks at other dogs when on a leash.  This behavior often gets a dog surrendered to a rescue group because it is very difficult to walk.  Unfortunately, many clients have said “I wish I had met you sooner, then I would not have given up my last dog.” As someone who works with many rescue groups, this breaks my heart as I know many pet owners are not aware of the training we do with reactive dogs.  

Below is a video of Eva, a pet dog who was very reactive on a leash when she saw a strange dog.  After one session of our Feisty Fido class, she is much calmer when she sees a dog.
Everyone has a specific goal in mind for their dog.   Maybe it is to earn a Canine Good Citizen Certification, or walk past a dog on the street, or be able to attend a class with other dogs.  What ever your goal know that changing behavior does not happen overnight, but we at CBC have the tools to help you change your dogs behavior in a positive successful manner!