Dog Bite? What to Do Next?

What should you do if your dog bites someone?

Panic often sets in after a dog bite, and you may be unsure of what to do next. It’s a terrifying scenario that no dog owner wants to face, but knowing how to handle it can make all the difference. Having owned three territorial dogs with bite histories, Judy has a few tips to offer you in her latest Podcast with Melissa Viera, the host of the Pet Podcast.

This episode is truly packed with actionable advice and expert insights for any dog owner dealing with or looking to prevent biting incidents.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

1. Immediate Actions: Steps to take right after a bite occurs to ensure safety and manage the situation effectively.​

2. Understanding Triggers: How to identify what might have caused your dog to bite, from unfamiliar people to specific environments.

3. Preventive Measures: Practical tips to prevent bites, including management strategies and the importance of proper training.

4. Positive Training Methods: Insights into reward-based training and building your dog’s social confidence.

5. Muzzle Conditioning: Why every dog should be comfortable wearing a muzzle and how to start the desensitization process.

Tune in to The Pet Care Report with Melissa and Judy, and learn how to keep your dog and everyone around them safe. The podcast is live: Click Here to listen!

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