Arousal in Dogs Webinar with Judy

December 6th., 2023 at 2 pm EST

Hello, Canine Enthusiasts!

I created this webinar on arousal as a result of meeting many stressed out clients with dogs who become overly aroused in some settings. For many, the question was “do I support my dog by tossing treats or do I teach a new skill in the form of rules and boundaries?” 

I will explain how genetics and the environment affect arousal. I will also define productive and non-productive arousal and why this matters. Using numerous photos and videos, I will identify what the many forms of arousal look like so you know if you are seeing confident, frustrated or anxious arousal.

I look forward to sharing this information with you to enrich your relationship with your dog.

We will definitely have time for a Q & A session. Plus, the recording will automatically be sent to anyone who registers!


Join Judy on December 6th., to better understand your dogs responses!