Pinch or Choke

Because September is Safety month, I wanted to talk a little bit about these controversial collars.

pinch collar

Do you know which one is actually more dangerous?  While the Pinch collar looks barbaric with its long spikes, it will not choke a dog to the point of death.  On the other hand, the old fashion choke collar is very dangerous and most anyone you talk to in the dog community will confirm this.  I am not advocating either, but want to clarify that one is seriously more dangerous than the other.

choke chain

Unfortunately, most dog enthusiasts have heard about or sadly experienced a tragedy involving a dog while wearing a choke collar.  Certainly no one plans for a dog to choke, however, due to the continued use of choke collars, tragedies do occur.  If you own a choke chain, please toss it out TODAY, before your best friend suffers an unexpected accident.

Not convinced?  These collars can easily get caught on crates, fences, wooden gates, bed frames, chairs, drawer handles, window cranks, dishwasher handles, car door handles, car locks, tree branches, roots, other dogs collars, and many more unexpected items.  So, please never put a choke collar around your dogs neck again.