Code Green!

While reading a book in the hospital waiting room last week, I heard these words spoken loudly over the speaker, CODE GREEN, CODE GREEN!  Startled, I immediately looked at the staff workers all busy behind the check-in counter.  Not one of them looked up, moved or even flinched.  It was as though they heard nothing.  Ok, if they are not worried, nor will I.  I took a deep breath and realized my heart was pounding having been startled, I soon relaxed and went back to my reading.  

What if your dog is the one to hear something scary and bark, and they move to the window or door and look back at you?  If you like this behavior, then great, get up and say?  “Who is hear?”  However if you know it is the neighbor that arrives home precisely the same time every day and you prefer your dog not tell you each day.  Then help him understand this by not reacting.  In fact, you can ignore her/him.
Even a look is rewarding, so just continue doing what you were, with no reaction.  Your dog will read your energy as calm and be calm also.  Unless, you have been rewarding this behavior for some time.  Then you will see your dog’s behavior become more intense for a while as they are use to getting a response from you.  After a period of time, with you ignoring the alarm bark, your dog will give up and will no longer bark at this particular sound.  The term is called Extinction Burst, which means the dog will eventually give up if not receiving any reward or attention.