New Small Dog Leash Lungers Class

Our Small Dog Socialization class has been growing so I would like to enhance the format for each participant.  Many small dogs become reactive on the leash and are difficult to walk in the presence of an unfamiliar dog or people.  This may be the result of poor socialization, bullying behaviors, genetics, dominant aggression, fear aggression, positive punishment or other factors.

I would like to help your small dog learn to be non reactive when around scary stimuli such as strange dogs or people.  Using a Positive Association or “Click to Calm” approach, we can change the association your dog has to a particular stimuli.
Sophie wore a muzzle for safety

Have you met my Scottie, Sophie?  Anyone see her bark and lunge at dogs or people in the past?  Well, she was a Feisty Fido when I got her!  After completing several weeks in class with me or my daughter, she is now a different dog, even earning her Canine Good Citizen Certification this past Spring.  How about my old terrier Annie, she too was very dog reactive, but now helps other dogs with their greeting skills!

Sophie remaining calm while near people and dogs

This class will be held Thursday evenings 6:15, beginning Sept. 29, at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital. To register please contact me!  Safety procedures will be given and followed each week upon arriving and leaving the training center.