Positive versus Negative Training

Unfortunately, there are a few really nasty Dog Trainers and Breeders out there. If at any point you happen to meet a dog trainer or breeder who asks you to do any of the following, please don’t!

  • Pinch your dogs ear
  • Roll your dog over and hold him down
  • Shake your dog
  • Teach your dog the down cue by stepping on the leash near his collar
  • Pick your dog up in the air by his collar
  • Use a pinch collar as a correction
  • Use a shock collar as a correction
  • Scruff your dogs neck
  • Make your dog submit to his fears

These are adverse (negative) training methods of the stone age and will only cause fear, stress and possibly aggression in your dog! Not to mention your dog will not trust you unless you repair your relationship with him through counter conditioning.

The good news is there is a better way!! Positive Reinforcement Trainingis not only a beautiful way to motivate your dog to act as you would like him to, it is also the most effective. This type of motivational training will strengthen your relationship with your dog, and help him feel safe and satisfied at ALL times. And, it will be much more enjoyable for you — and your dog!

Do you believe your dog feels excitement, curiosity, fear, exhaustion, sickness? Sort of like a child? Well, it’s true! That’s why we should really evaluate how we treat Mans Best Friend!

I have always enjoyed having a special relationship with the dogs and horses I spend time with and train. This relationship is not only built on trust, but in being aware of what the animal is trying to tell me. So I ask that you try to listen to what your pet is telling you. Is he fearful? In pain? I don’t believe animals are ever simply stubborn. Rather, I do believe they may lack motivation, do not feel safe or are physically uncomfortable with what we are asking of them.

So, do not always request, wait for a response and reward your pet, but request and listen to your pet! You might just learn something new about your Best Friend, and build a stronger relationship based on trust!