Looks are Deceiving

I love this photo! Not because the terrier is absolutely adorable when rushing at the Shepherd cross but because no one told him she was part “wolf”.  He has no worries and simply wants to Play!  Both dogs are only one year old.

While it appears that a fight may begin, the terrier assures the larger female of his intentions by his lovely body skills and soft mouth.  Of the two, the terrier has more play experience than the larger dog.  If you had only seen this photo, you may have been alarmed, but I can assure you that play followed for some time.

The communication is endless from the female with ears back, soft eyes, lifted paw, leaning backwards, soft joints, open mouth with no teeth showing.  One vital piece of information for her is that the terrier is not looking in her eyes, yet off to the side which is non confrontational.

One friend is better than no friends!