Who is Training Who?

Have you ever thought about how your dog has 2 trainers in most situations?  It is true, both you and the environment are influencing your dogs behavior.  Any stimuli in the environment (sounds, smells, people, dogs, objects, etc.) can effect your dogs behavior.

Relaxed, Positive Energy 

Knowing how to use Classical and Operant Conditioning methods is the key to setting your dog up for success in many different environments. Classical Conditioning is how your dog feels about something and Operant gives your dog an alternate behavior to choose.

The key to remember is that your frustration can play a big role in how your dog feels about any given stimuli.  Patience, practice and a positive attitude will help you achieve success with your dog.

When you become the the primary means of delivering all rewards to your dog and learn to reinforce all of his good choices, then YOU become the most influential to your dog, not the environment. This is such a simple thought, but so important to helping any dog over come obstacles in the environment.