Great Small Dog Socialization Class!

Thanks to everyone who participated in last nights Small Dog Socialization Class at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital last night.  What a success!

All the pups are showing improved social skills not only with each other and the older dogs, but with the humans as well.  Their continued socialization allows them to rebound from scary situations, read other dogs body language and is clearly evident in the more play that is going on during the class.


My old girl Annie was too tired for her normal walk this morning, she is happily sunning her self on the side walk and made it clear to me she had no intentions of going anywhere else.  She has always been a big part of helping young dogs learn better emotional control without any serious reprimands.  In fact she has been with me for 10 years, I adopted her from a Small Dog Rescue group when I lived in Michigan 10 years ago at the age of one.

So Glad to hear many of you are taking your pups with you many places, helping your dogs learn about their environments is a big part of socializing them.  Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!