Forming Habits

Did you notice your dog chose to potty on the deck, patio, or step with this latest snow storm or rainy day?  Many dog owners feel this setback in behavior with potty habits even in older dogs.  Rain is simply a negative reinforcer to some dogs, in other words, they want to avoid it, hence they potty as close to the door as possible.

What can you do?  Give your dog continued feedback so he will chose to make the right choice.  Is it that simple?  Often it is, because we know that those who have a support system to help change their behavior are far more likely to succeed.  So be your dog’s support system and remind them when they go out the door to go to the designated area to potty, especially if it is raining.

Following with verbal praise for making the right choice is a great way to support your dog and increase the behavior you want.  Positive Reinforcers such as food and praise are essential to modify behavior and form new habits.