IAABC Conference – Life Changing

Many of you know I was in Rhode Island for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants Conference, and loved every minute of it!

The IAABC conference was not only enjoyable, it was very educational!  It was fabulous to meet  many dog enthusiasts, but also professional horse, cat and bird trainers. The IAABC representatives were very friendly and wiling to share their knowledge to the conference attendees.

Victoria & Judy
IAABC 2011 conference 
I am excited to share with you the many Positive Behavior Modification methods our profession has not only identified but are scientifically proven to work on many different species.  Demonstrations included working with the fearful/anxious dog, the reactive dog, the best methods to obtain emotional control, why emotional trauma is more harmful than physical trauma, integrating dogs into the “cat” only house and much more!

Special Attendees included: Bob Bailey, Dr. Nick Dodman, Brenda Aloff, Victoria Stillwell, Karen Pryer and many more, were incredibly inspiring and leading edge on how behavior modification can be used on many species — from dogs to humans — as agreed by behaviorists and psychologists alike!

Did you know the first behavior modification methods used on the mentally handicapped were demonstrated by animal trainers using reinforcers and shaping methods?  The Breland’s, Marion and Keller, as well as Bob Bailey and of course BF Skinner all had a hand in this program.

I am so looking forward to sharing new and fun positive techniques with you!