Class Schedule for Spring Break

Lure Reward

Hope everyone enjoyed some of yesterday’s Spring like weather!  I want to confirm that we do have classes tonight 4/13th, as well as Small Dog Socialization tomorrow night 4/14th.  There will NOT be any Manners classes or Outdoor Adventure Classes from 4/14th through the 21st. as I will be heading to Marco Island for some fun with the family!

Justin and Baden

Justin did have the screw taken out of his tibia yesterday as the incision continued to drain.  He is resting comfortably at home and should not have anymore issues with his knee.  Yes, this means no water for Justin while in Florida, but hey it could be much worse and he knows that!  Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes!

I would like to remind you while we do not have formal classes, please practice Daily Emotion Control exercises with your dog while in your home and on your walks.  Using “Be Still, Wait, Watch me, Sit (for longer periods of time), Here, Come, Leave it, All Done, Settle, Heel, Down and any other cues you would like to practice.  I promise if you have your dog work for his meals, you will have a dog with better emotional control.

Have a Great week!