Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference – Day 1

While I miss by family and furry friends back home, I am thrilled to be apart of this years APDT Conference! Here are just a view of the speakers that have presented so far:

Karen Pryer, author Don’t Shoot The Dog
Teoti Anderson, author of 4 canine training books.
Ian Dunbar, APDT founder and author of many books.
Gail Fisher, clicker expert and author The Thinking Dog.
Joshua Leeds, Studies Bioacoustics, the power of sound on humans and other species.
Sue Sternberg, a dog aggression expert and founder of CASA Community Animal Shelter Assn.

Wow! What a day, my head is bursting with new luring and shaping skills which I am excited to share with my clients! The uses of Positive Reinforcement techniques are being incorporated into zoos, veterinary medicine, shelters, even schools, businesses and homes can all benefit from positive reward based relationships.

Stay tuned for more as the week progresses!