Conference Day 2 – Reactivity in Dogs

Impulse control, hyperactivity, reactivity and arousal are all topics discussed in today’s symposium on “Living on the edge.” If you have attended any of my reactive dog classes you would have heard me use these terms and how they effect your dogs emotional state.

Today’s topics included many practical methods of incorporating daily routines and opportunities to help your dog practice desirable behaviors. We know that good training is always started at home! Daily practice at home with feeding, training, and play can improve a dogs impulse control and arousal habits. New behaviors and techniques for keeping your dogs arousal under threshold will be incorporated into our up coming classes.

Today’s conference ended with an informational panel discussion including dog behavior specialists: Suzanne Clothier, Ian Dunbar, Trish King, Dr. Petra Mertens, Dr. Pamela Reid, and Pia Silvani. What a great source of caine knowledge here to discuss arousal and how it effects reactivity.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s sessions on K9.