Socialization improves body language skills

Puff the samoyed and Lilly the springer

When Puff reached the toy first, Lilly politely looked away, avoiding any type of conflict.  This shows she has good manners and has no bullying behaviors with other dogs.  Puff also let other pups win the toys in class and played nicely when approached.

If a pup always wins, they get use to winning and may become rude about this particular behavior.  What will happen when your pup tries to take a toy or ball out of another dogs mouth?  Depending on the temperament of the other dog, your pup may get a reprimand.  
Teaching your pup good doggie skills requires plenty of positive socialization experiences, feedback on good impulse control, and interactions with other polite dogs.  
For a positive socialization experience, consider joining our Puppy Socialization Class at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital.  Please check out our class schedule!