Update on Justin

Thank you for all the Get Well wishes and cards for Justin, he is in good spirits and never complains!

Justin is home which is great, he does have to have IV antibiotic medicine (Vancomycine and Cefepine) 4 times per day, (5 bags of IV antibiotics in total).  With the IV pole and pump it looks like a triage in our basement!  I just pray I pump, fill the line, flush with saline and heparin at all the right times!

While not painful as the PICC stays in his arm it is time consuming.  The Vanco takes a bit over an hour and the Cefepine takes about 30 minutes to finish.  We administer the meds. at precisely 6:30 am, 2:30 pm, 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm.  The last one is a killer as I always fall asleep before it is done!  This is way past my bedtime:)  Justin can sleep while I hook him up, he is sooo trusting!

He did go to school a bit on Monday and Tuesday, rested on Wednesday and has gone part of today. We did see the Infectious Disease Specialist yesterday and did get a good report!  As of now we are scheduled to proceed with this current process for 4 more weeks.

Alex is doing fine, he did have an accident on the snowmobile on Sunday, going a bit too fast to go see his girl friend.  He rolled it over him, somehow he went one way and the sled landed about 25 feet ahead of him.  His neck is sore but his head is fine!  He was dazed, and upset as the sled took a beating.  It will not start and will need some repair on the fiberglass sides and top.  (He reminds me so much of my brother Bill! He has been recognized lately with college applications from Tulane University, RIT, Wentworth Technology and a few others for his high PSAT scores.  This reward has come at a great time since he is not involved in a sport and really putting a lot of effort into his schooling. 

Miranda is great!  Loving softball each week and doing well in school and keeping plenty of home baked goodies on the table near justin.

Robert and I are both fighting colds, but it could be much worse.  Robert was in Hanover, NH this week, but made it home last night for Justin’s 18th birthday!  Alex will be 16 on Sat.!  We are very proud of all the kids and pleased that they are all stepping up to help with Justin’s recovery!  It is certainly a family effort!

Take care everyone and again,

THANK YOU for all the calls, face book notes, and emails, they are all greatly appreciated!!