Feisty Fidos

What is a Feisty Fido?  Many of us have either owned or seen a dog that is barking and lunging at other dogs when out on a walk.  Many of these dogs appear to be aggressive, and while some are, many are simply displaying frustration on the other end of the leash.  Deprivation of dog to dog socialization reduces a dogs communication skills,  often times creating a dog that displays SUPER motivated behavior to approach another dog.   These types of greetings often do not go well, creating a worried owner who further deprives the dog or worse punishes him for reacting. The Feisty Fido dog can be conditioned to remain calm with the right Positive Reinforcement Techniques.

In a Feisty Fido Class,  you will learn how your reaction effects your dog and what you can do to change his behavior in a positive way.  Learning how to create situations so your dog can think rather than react will be demonstrated and practiced.  Helping your dog learn self control when faced with certain stimulus, getting him to focus on you and desensitizing him are all key elements discussed in this class.

A common training mistake made is to practice with your dog in areas of low distractions, then expect your dog to perform perfectly in your own neighborhood where his reactivity is most high.  Skipping through the practice exercises and going straight to difficult situations will only set your dog up for failure.

Owning a reactive dog can be stressful and frustrating, I know as I have owned two myself, both of which have passed their Canine Good Citizen Certifications with many hours of conditioning.

Safety is always a concern with a Feisty Fido and discussed prior to working with our dogs.  I hope this article has helped you better understand what a Feisty Fido/leash reactive dog is and that there is a Positive Training Program to help them!