Mr. Dudley

Dudley is my newest foster pup, at 2 yrs old he is a handsome Scottish Terrier.  With a sweet disposition, a true love to play fetch, house broken, crate trained, good with dogs and children. 

He arrived last week for an evaluation and within minutes of arrival was playing fetch with a ball he had brought with him.  Honestly, the transition period was easy for him, it is clear he has enjoyed a good life so far and is well socialized to environments, people and dogs.

I did have to modify a bit of Dudley’s behavior this week.  When he jumped on the couch and proceeded to drop his ball in my lap while I was reading the paper and drinking my coffee.  I ignored him, he backed up and barked at me (as if to say, hey lady you are suppose to throw it!).   I picked up the ball and rolled it to my scottie, Sophie who gladly grabbed and shook it.  As it rolled away from her, Dudley grabbed the ball and you guessed it, again dropped it in my lap and barked.  I again ignored him and rolled the ball to Sophie who happily chased it.  Within a minute Dudley rushed up to the couch with his ball in his mouth, he hesitated, laid down on the floor and played with his ball all by himself. He is a smart boy!