4th of July Fireworks

While you are planning your fun Independence Day, please remember to think about helping your dog feel safe, here are a few tips to keep your dog from feeling anxious.

Loud noises from fireworks can be frightening to your pets, as they do not know what they are.  So protect your pet and help them get through this day with these tips:
  1. Keep Them Home. Don’t bring pets to fireworks displays. And never leave your pet unattended in a car.
  2. Don’t Leave Them Outside Alone. Your pet could get lost or injured if he panics and tries to escape from your yard.
  3. Create a Safe Zone in Your Home. Keep your pet in a place familiar and comfortable. A quiet inside room might be best. Make sure they have access to water. You can leave a radio playing at a bit above normal volume to keep him company. Also be sure to remove any unsafe items your pet may chew if she gets frightened.
  4. Close all Doggie Doors. Keep pet doors and fence gates locked this weekend.
  5. Be Sure Your Pet Has ID. Make sure your pet has a collar and ID tag with up to date information. An ID tag will help get you reunited even if your pet is microchipped.
  6. Ask Your Vet. and Behaviorist. Together they can put your pet on a plan to avoid anxiety, which is a serious condition for pets.
  7. Don’t Give Them Leftover Bones, Human Cookies or Ice Cream. Cooked bones are easily split and can cause serious injury to pets. Also be aware of leftovers your guests may give your pet.  
Enjoy the day!