Judy’s Popular Outdoor Adventure Class is back!

Outdoor Adventure class will run from Sept 29th to Nov 3, 2018. 

Classes for dog-friendly dogs or shy dogs will benefit as we meet in park-like settings. Three classes are “on leash” with a  focus on each dogs temperament traits, behavioral responses, and improving his/her social skills with people and dogs. The additional three classes are “off leash” in safe environments with a focus staying connected and recall.

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Drop the Leash and Relax – (FKA Control Unleashed) Force Free Training to improve your dogs Focus and Emotional Control; based on tools Judy has gathered from great trainers such as Leslie McDevitt, Ken Ramirez, Suzanne Clothier, and Sophia Yin just to name a few!


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Human Directed/Territorial Aggression This class is designed to help the fear aggressive dog