Winter Time can be Fun!

For those of you who think it may be too cold to go out and play, think again!  Many of our four legged friends do well with a sweater and a pair of booties if needed. Getting some playtime each day helps keep our dogs not only healthy physically but mentally.

Many dogs begin bad habits in the winter like chewing baseboards, laundry, couches or what ever is available. While this may be a sign of anxiety, it may simply be because your dog is not getting enough exercise. Many dogs do chew when they are bored.  Letting your dogs run off leash a few times a week will make a difference in his temperament with any other dogs in the home as well as guests entering. Keeping our dogs well exercised will lower their arousal when the door bell rings which may prevent scuffles with some reactive dogs.

So, bundle up and go for a long walk, our community is full of fun trails to walk along.  If you have a longhaired dog, then no worries, he or she will be fine!  Annie, Pablo, Sophie, Misty and Sheila haven’t missed a day of walking and they are happily sleeping all afternoon!
Annie (sweater), Pablo (boxer mix) and Sophie (scottie) are mine.  Misty (golden retriever) is Pablo’s neighbor and best friend who he goes to see daily and Sheila (spits/chow mix) is my foster girl who simply loves, loves to run in the snow!