Truman Update

Truman snuggling with Annie

As many of you know, I am fostering this male 2 year old red bone hound mix named Truman.  He is a sweet shy boy and has joined my family of 5 and 3 dogs extremely well!

Truman loves to be with me and does follow me around.  He is crate trained, house broken and an easy keeper as he is most content when at my feet.

Truman loves dogs, all dogs, he will play if invited or will leave an older dog alone if asked.  He takes treats with a gently mouth, will sit and stay, comes when called and is wonderful off leash.  No worries about loosing this boy, he is happy to come when called.

Truman is an alarm barker when someone knocks at the door but quickly greets guests with wiggles and wags.  He sometimes gets startled and barks when someone gets up and moves around the house.  We use friendly gestures such as turning sideways, squatting down and talking calmly to help Truman feel safe, he is fine each time and comes into the persons space.

Truman is such an easy keeper, I have offered to keep him through the holidays rather than sending him to a kennel and yes he has a bone wrapped under the tree!

If I venture out on any trails this holiday season, you can bet Truman will be at my side as he loves to run off leash.