Truman making friends

Truman, is CBC’s newest foster dog and is oh so handsome!  He has a lovely play style with dogs, comes when called and can be taken off leash anywhere!  He is super gently and very wiggly when greeting a new dog.

Truman on the right is playing with Pablo

Here is a video of Truman greeting my boy Pablo for the first time.   Yes, I have a muzzle on Pablo as there were a few other dogs in the area.  While Pablo does well one on one, 3 or more is a crowd and he can become defensive, convinced the other two are going to gang up on him.

Truman on the other hand, couldn’t have been more lovely to watch, convincing Pablo he meant no harm, only play!  During this day out, Truman met 4 men with dogs, taking treats from 3 showing only friendly behaviors.
I will continue to monitor his relationship with men with the goal of desensitizing him to what ever trigger seems to make him nervous.  He has such a playful way with dogs, this boy won’t wait long for a forever home!