New Manners I Class Added

Because of an increased interest, I am adding a Manners I class on Thursday evenings, beginning  1/27/11 from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital in Scarborough. This is in addition to our Wednesday class which is full!

Anyone interested, please contact me!  This is a great class for pups 4 months and older.

Topics covered are:

Sit:  At side and in front. Great for putting on the leash, greeting people, giving medication, brushing, and other situations.
Heel:  Most pet owners really appreciate a dog that walks nicely on a leash without pulling.  Positive training and proper equipment is key.
Sit Stay:  Having a dog sit stay while you open the door or cross the street to get the mail is beneficial.
Wait/Okay: One of my favorite commands!  Don’t move from a specific position for a short time.  Okay is used as a release.
Down/Down Stay: A submissive position that is also more comfortable for the dog, especially if you want him to stay for more than a minute.
Off: Refers to your dogs paws.  Off and Down should mean two different things.
Leave it:  Refers to his muzzle, learn to put his attention back on you and away from something else that he is interested in.
Come:  Probably the most critical command to teach but can be started at an early age. This command provides a great opportunity to bond with your dog!
Take a break: A good place to be out of the way but still in the same room while you have company or eat a meal.  Can also be used when you are leaving for a short while. 
Requirements: Updated Vaccination Record, including Bordatella