Join us for a fun practice session at Back Cove today 9:30 am

With so many clients busy with Easter plans, we will not be meeting at Tommy’s Park today for classes.  I returned from my vacation late Thursday evening all refreshed and quite excited about teaching everyone the “Switch Over” today.  However we did agree to not hold Outdoor Adventure or Feisty Fido as many of you do have plans for the holiday weekend.

Digger at Back Cove is being rewarded for an
alternate behavior.  But he really wants
to chase this bike!

For fun, KT and I will be at Back Cove Trail 9:30 am today to practice our dogs emotional control if anyone would like to join us!  We always park towards the right side of the parking lot.  Have your dogs Yellow CBC Bandana on so we can find each other!  Hope you can join us!

For next week’s classes, we will stick to the schedule.
                  Outdoor Adventure meets next week at: 
4/30/11   Falmouth Community Park, Located on Winn Road, just north of the Fire House. 
                  Feisty Fido meets next week at:
 4/30/11 Payson Park, Portland  (class starts at 11:00 am)