Control Unleashed Class

Control Unleashed Class was designed by Leslie McDevitt as a way of helping her own dog cope with the intense distractions at agility events. Not an easy task for a dog who was worried about strange dogs near and also afraid of noises.  The concept of CU is to create a focused and more confident dog!

Who needs Control Unleashed Classes?

  • Dogs that are uncomfortable or unable to work off lead around other dogs
  • Dogs that are easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating
  • Dogs that are reactive or easily aroused
  • Dogs that are anxious or stressed and often become shut down
  • Dogs that are unable to control their impulses when excited
IMG_1157Trainers agree this class structure offers a practical and positive approached to helping dogs who  struggle with environmental changes. Understanding how to use desensitization and operant conditioning is presented in a clear scientific way so everyone can understand the steps.
Class structure is incredibly flexible to meet the individual dogs’ temperaments and needs. CU involves exercising self-control through the use of default behaviors which are always a good thing, especially for dogs with poor focus or arousal issues.  It involves self-calming techniques, which is great for dogs that are shy or fearful or reactive or just aroused.  CU involves a highly predictable behavior that has them re-orient to their handler in times of conflict.  In short, this class provides highly predictable rule structure, valuable learning benefits, and  increased connection and teamwork between dog and person!
I highly recommend you try this class with a certified trainer, you will be so glad you did!