Day 4 – Behavior Adjustment Training – BAT

My favorite session so far!

Those of you who have met me, know I love to help the shy, fearful, and aggressive dog. While working as a dog handler for Grisha Stewart’s BAT workshop, I now have new tools to use to help these insecure and reactive dogs. BAT looks at the function of growling, lunging, or fleeing and helps dogs learn socially acceptable behaviors that serve the same function.

Bat will build your dog’s confidence’s confidence by giving him a chance to control his environment through the use of his own natural calming signals. You will learn how to better understand your dogs triggers and help him learn to safely get along with people, dogs, children and other triggers. This program includes all positive reinforcement techniques and is completely non adversive!

As a supplemental training class for the reactive dog, look for class details this fall!