Canine Body Language Seminar

Presented by
Judy Moore ACDBC
Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
When:    Saturday, January 4, 2014
Where:   Poetic Gold Farm 
              7 Trillium Lane, Falmouth, ME 
Time:    10am- noon
Fees:    Dogs attending for evaluation $75
            Attendees for audit $25
who is the most worried here?
who is the most worried here?

I’ll will review how canines communicate with each other and how they try to communicate with us. You will learn to identify signs of canine stress and fear which can assist you in preventing unwanted behaviors such as a snap or bite.  Many dogs offer distance cues, however we as humans miss them; therefore many dogs resort to a level 3 bite because no one respected the level 1 or 2 distance cue.
If you work with, own, or live with a dog who exhibits shy or skittish behavior, you will benefit from a basic understanding of how they “speak” to us with body language. 
Live Demo dogs and Q&A discussion included!
For more information or to attend contact Judy at