Actions Speak Louder than Words

Have you found yourself yelling at your dog or becoming very frustrated with him?  Is it possible you are misunderstanding each other?  Dogs understand body language and we talk and talk and talk!

Feisty Fido Class

If you are frustrated with your dog’s behavior, you can be sure he is frustrated with yours.  Understanding how dogs really learn and how to help them through their own conflicts are key to you having a happy relationship with your dog.

In our Reactive Dog Class, better known as our Feisty Fido Class we build the communication between reactive dog and calm owner.  Notice in this photo the dogs are all focused on their owners and their owners are all using Body Language to communicate with them in a rewarding way.  This is only our second class and each owner is learning to use their own body to modify their dogs behavior.  Using varied durations of a stimulus dog, we are able to see our dogs go from reactive to a “switch over” behavior and simply learn to look rather than react.

So, if you think your dog barks at or scuffles with other dogs because he is simply a dominate or alpha dog, maybe you should consider having him evaluated to find out what is really going on.
When you learn how to change your body language your dog will see you as his calm pack leader, he will in turn become more calm which will reduce the frustration barriers you are experiencing with each other.