Does your dog bark, lunge or try to bite people? Are you afraid your dog will hurt a visitor? Is your dog social and relaxed with family members, yet becomes aroused or aggressive with new people?   Do you want to learn how to safely introduce an aroused or aggressive dog to a stranger? 

If you want to… 

  • Prevent your dog from biting people or children.
  • Learn the subtle warning signs your dog displays before a bite.
  • Identify your dogs sociability and how it relates to bites. 
  • Learn how to safely introduce a dog with low social skills to a visitor.
  • Build your dogs social confidence with groups of people.
  • Understand social pressure and how it effects learning.
  • Understand why some dogs improve and others cannot.

Over the past 18 years Judy has trained thousands of dogs displaying aggression towards humans, as well as adopted and rehabilitated three highly territorial dogs with extensive bite histories. All three became beloved family members.

Judy will personally teach you what your dogs triggers are, how to manage his behavior to keep him safe while changing his behavior to prevent a bite, all while using a positive approach.