Bite Intervention Training for Everyone - Online Class

Bite Intervention Training for Everyone (B.I.T.E.) is the first online video course that focuses on positive training methods to reduce dog bites to humans. You will learn to identify each dogs sociability, and how this relates to bites. Each dogs low level warnings will be highlighted and respected. You will learn how to introduce a dog with low social skills to a friend, and how to build a dogs social confidence within groups of people. Judy will explain how social pressure can effect learning and why some dogs improve, while others cannot.


Using easy to follow positive training techniques, that give the dog a choice, you can begin to increase any dogs social confidence around friends and family today! Judy’s one hour B.I.T.E video training course will help you prevent bites, reduce your dogs stress and improve your relationship with your dog. You can get started today for only $49!