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Hi, I'm Judy Moore
welcome to canine behavior counseling

As President of Canine Behavior Counseling I am dedicated to helping dog owners better understand their dogs’ responses. Dogs that become overly aroused, fearful, or aggressive are those that I can help using a Positive Approach. My training programs encompass two comprehensive online training classes and personalized one-to-one counseling. I seek to achieve a more purposeful state of mind in the dogs I see, which allows for a healthy relationship between the dog and its owner. It is important for dog owners to understand their dogs’ emotional sensitivities as well as other character traits, as behaviors are a response to how the dog feels. By providing the proper information, management techniques and training skills, the relationship between dog and owner can often improve quickly.

Thank you for visiting my dog training site. If you are interested in learning how to modify your dog’s behavior or better understand why your dog’s behavior has changed, schedule here!

Best regards,
Judy Rapp Moore, BS, CDBC, CCA, CPDT-KA
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (IAABC)
Certified Temperament Assessor (CARAT)


Judy offers in person consultations in your home, her office, zoom meetings and by phone. To start training today, check out Judy’s online courses Bite Prevention or Drop The Leash

Convenient Online Classes

Start training today with our immensely detailed Online Dog Training classes. Bite Intervention Training for Everyone – B.I.T.E. and Drop the Leash Judy's classes will improve your dog’s behavior and strengthen your relationship in the process.

Private Consultations

Judy specializes in helping you understand your dog’s temperament traits, which will be observed in his body language. This will help explain, for example, why your dog responds with confident activation or fearful inhibition and which of these responses can be counter conditioned.

Bite Risk Assessment

This Assessment is performed in Judy’s office and is for dogs who have bitten humans, resulting in two or more punctures.

CARAT Temperament Assessment

As a Certified CARAT Temperament Assessor and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I can identify temperament traits that may lead to separation anxiety, reactivity, and aggression in pups as early as 8 weeks of age. My assessment will guide your socialization priorities and help you prevent unwanted behaviors from developing.

Judy’s Blog

Having owned three dogs with bite histories, Judy's blog entries have a strong focus on training the territorial dog, dogs that bite humans, and dog to dog relationships.

Kind words from my clients

Read the kind words from my past clients to get a feel for what you can expect from working with me.

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