I often hear from a family who has just picked out an adorable puppy from the website, without knowing what the puppies personality is like.

Will this pup fit into our families lifestyle?  Will this puppy get along with our children, our other dog or cat?  

Selecting a new family member can be challenging and many dogs are often sent away because they did not fit into the family dynamics or environment, but were instead selected based on their cute face.

If you are considering adopting a puppy, adolescent or an adult rescue dog please take time to consider if this dog will be a good match.  For those of you who are not sure what to assess in the dogs temperament, please feel free to reach out as I want to set both the dog and your family up for a successful relationship.  

For example, did you know that shy/skittish dogs are  more likely to become territorial when they become an adolescent?   Are you familiar with classical conditioning to help the shy dog?

Puppies temperaments tell us a great deal about who they will become as adolescent dogs.  Knowing how to shape their personalities and when to socialize your puppy is essential to raising a social family dog!

Pet Selection Consultations are offered for those families in search of adopting a dog that will be a good match for their family dynamics.  Temperament assessment includes body handling, guarding, fears, phobias, aggression towards humans, children, dogs and cats.  Prices depend on travel time, but will be approximately $250. To schedule a Consult contact me!